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5 ways to get your kids to brush and floss

Sometimes as a parent you might feel that your kids are destined to hate all the useful things. From eating vegetables to making them avoid their candy and brushing their teeth, it surely is a task to make sure your kids listen to you. Kids are known for being very conscientious when it comes to their personal hygiene specially if it’s a part of their bedtime routine for example brushing every night.
This is primarily because kids do not see dental routines as an important task unlike dentists and adults. While brushing is a daily struggle for parents it is important for dentists to empower them assuring that the task becomes easier for them. This article talks about 5 easy tricks and trips you could follow in order to ensure your kids have fun while brushing to encourage them to do it every day.
• Make it a game: competitions really motivate children. The idea of cavities and decaying teeth might not motivate them as much as the idea of winning in a competition with mom and dad. Keep reassuring them that this competition will not only help them get their favorite but will also result in healthy teeth.
• Try an electronic toothbrush: kids usually hate tasks which take a lot of time or are tedious. An electric toothbrush reduces the hassle and frustration of manual brushing. It also adds the cool factor because kids get excited when using something new and interesting.
• Explain it to them in their words: using the core dental words will not make any sense to your kids and they will find it as boring as their class lectures. Ask your dentist for fun ways to explain the whole concept to your child, something that makes sense to him and intrigues him towards understanding why brushing is necessary.
• Let them pick their own tooth paste, floss etc: kids usually get excited about very small stuff. Involve them while shopping for their tooth care products. Let them choose their favorite toothbrush and their own colored floss. This will make them eager to brush afterwards as well.
• Floss and brush with your child: this is possibly the most effective tip. Link your routine with your child’s routine in order to reinforce them in brushing which might become boring if they are made to do it alone.