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Cross bite correction and treatment options

People are not usually aware of what a cross bite is until someone near them is diagnosed with it. There are two types of cross bites however both of them can cause pan in gums and bleeding etc. these side effects are very difficult to live with throughout your life and hence the good news for people is that there is a treatment for cross bites. This articles talks about the most commonly used cross bite treatment and correction options to help those who are not aware of which one to choose.

So what exactly is a cross bite? This condition happens when there is a misalignment of your upper and lower teeth. Cross bites could be hereditary or situational. Sometimes this situation occurs when your child’s teeth keep growing before his milk teeth fall. In other cases it is hereditary and you get this condition if one of your parents have it.

There are two types of cross bites. Posterior is when the upper teeth fall inside the lower teeth and on the other hand anterior cross bites is quite the opposite. This happens when top front teeth fall below the lower teeth.

Most dental professionals agree that the best time to correct your cross bite is during childhood but there are treatments available for adults as well. The earlier it is detected the better however most cross bites are fixed easily by adjusting the teeth or jaw. There are a number of treatments which dentists usually recommend to those who have a cross bite however your dentist might tell you to go with some other treatment depending on the complications. The commonly used treatment methods are:

  • Maxillary expander
  • Removable expander
  • Braces
  • Surgery

Surgery is usually the last option dentists have. They try to avoid it however in extreme cases at times they have to ask the patient to undergo a surgery. Dentists sometimes use a mixture of both braces and removable expanders as well. The expanders help to create space between the teeth so that bites are aligned uniformly throughout the mouth. Since each case is different each will require their own treatment plan. The best idea is to consult your doctor as soon as you start facing problems to avoid extreme problems. Cross bites if left untreated can cause a lot of dental issues down the road.