How and why do dentists fix cavities & for babies? - Aava Dental How and why do dentists fix cavities & for babies? - Aava Dental



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How and why do dentists fix cavities & for babies?

Children have baby teeth which eventually fall out and they then get a new set of teeth, during that time it is very important that their teeth stay healthy and fall out only when adult teeth guide them out of the gums. This is why oral hygiene is important as soon as baby teeth start coming and it should be taught to children as well. Cavity care for children and adults is the same because the aim is to preserve dental health and to ensure the teeth don’t eventually fall out.

Usually when it comes to baby teeth dentists’ advice is to drill out the cavities and fill or crown the holes. The primary teeth are very important for healthy permanent and hence them falling out before the permanent teeth come isn’t very good. Baby teeth fillings are made out of white composite or metal and metal ones are the most popular choice because they’re less expensive and rather easy to use. It is imperative that kids carry on good oral hygiene after they have gotten their filling done or after they get a crown no matter it is on their baby teeth or permanent teeth.

Tooth decay is however a recurring issue no matter how hard the dentist tries to remove all cavity. Teeth which have cavities between them rather than on them have higher chances of recurrence. When this does happen the dentist will have to replace the filling to put it on the new place where the cavity has occurred. While cavity is one of the reasons teeth need filling if on the other hand the teeth have gone through trauma and a crack occurs the same filing will have to be done. The same goes for underdeveloped teeth or incorrectly shaped ones.

While going with filling is the safest option sometimes in extreme cases dentists have to get an extraction done if for example the cavity is very widespread and is causing gum problems. Sometimes if baby teeth are extracted they are replaced with a prosthetic tooth in order to make sure that the space for the new permanent teeth remains intact. The dentist might sometimes fill all the cavities at one time while at other times they might do one cavity. This really depends on the child if he can sit in the dentist’s chair for a longer period of time or starts getting restless only after one filling.