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What happens if you swallow your brace bracket?

People swallowing their braces is not what you hear very often but when you do it tends to panic you a bit. Recent news about a piece of wire found in a woman’s intestine years after she removed her braces could make anyone paranoid. The probability of such an incident happening is very low however you should know what you are supposed to do in case it does happen.

There are certain instances in which you might swallow your braces:

  • When you are trying to adjust a loose bracket yourself you may instead knock it down and swallow it before you even know what happened.
  • Swallowing could also occur in the case of dental trauma where you might swallow a brace while wearing them. In this case you need to consult your dentist in an emergency situation
  • Sometimes if brackets are mishandled while you are at your dentist it can cause you to swallow the bracket while adjusting it.
  • Swallowing also happens when you have temporary crowns or metal fillings. You will need to seek medical help in all the cases in order to ensure that there are no long term effects.

Swallowing a bracket may seem like a dire situation however most of the time it is not that big a problem. Dentists say that 90% of the time the metal will move throughout the body and come out itself. The human GI tract has enough acids to dissolve small pieces of metal. Eating things like corn and bread which are high in fiber can help speed up the process. As long as the bracket does not get stuck in the lungs there are very few chances there will be any problem. The metal becomes part of the digestion process.

If you swallow a bracket, wire or rubber band and notice you are having difficulty in breathing then it means that it is stuck in your lung which can be problematic. You will have to go to your doctor who will tell you to get an Xray after which they will tell you the course of action to remove it safely. On the other hand you might also experience stomach pain which means that it is stuck in your digestive tract and will not pass without medical intervention. However, you do not have to be scared since it happens in 1% of the cases and the surgery is not big enough to cause permanent damage to your body.