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Do you need a dentist or an oral surgeon for tooth extractions?

You might be confused just before your tooth extraction as to which person you should go too. Tooth extractions are not something very simple and hence you should be careful when deciding the right provider for this situation. Both dentists and oral surgeons can perform extractions very well but it depends on what type of procedure you need to get done.

When you start having any complications with your teeth you should contact your dentist as the first step.  Your dentist will evaluate the whole situation and then tell you whether you need an extraction and if you do why so. He will also inform you whether it is a long procedure or can be done in the office only. This will include some x rays and examination of the effected teeth. If the case is very severe then your dentist will ask you to consult an oral surgeon. If it can be removed by a local anesthesia then he will probably as you to get it extracted there and then since it is a small procedure.

There are a few cases in which it becomes important for you to consult an oral surgeon. These include:

  • Impacted teeth: if your teeth are fully below the gum line removing them can be a very difficult task. The procedure usually involves cutting into your gum to remove the teeth which need general anesthesia.
  • Facial structure: sometimes the teeth might be positioned in a different way which makes it difficult for the dentist to remove the teeth in the normal way as it can cause a lot of discomfort.
  • Fractured teeth: teeth which are already cracked or fractured are more likely to break during and extraction and hence an intensive surgery is required to make sure half of the tooth is not left inside the gum.
  • Dental anxiety: some patients prefer to sleep during the surgery because they fear going to a dentist and in such situations an oral surgeon is need because a dentist can only give local anesthesia.
  • Complications: although dentists try their level best to make sure everything is perfect if a tooth has complex roots or cracks then the dentist might not be able to ensure a perfect surgery and would tell you to consult an oral surgeon first.