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Overlooked oral health habits for children

A child’s oral health care should be set in from a very young age. Tooth decay can start from when the child gets his first tooth that is when he is six months old and hence good habits concerning proper oral care should be instilled at a very young age. A dental implant specialist reports that only 28% of parents in America would say that their kids brush properly.
Apparently, 86 percent i.e. nearly nine out of 10 parents believe that their children’s oral health isn’t up to the mark. Although parents do understand that dental problems are mostly caused by not taking care of oral health as compared to genetics or their kid’s diet. A very small fraction of children, brush their teeth twice daily. These habits cultivate early, and hence parents are responsible for most of the tooth decay at an early age.
Brushing the Children’s Baby Teeth
The Beverly Hills teeth cleaning service suggest that as you see a child’s first tooth coming in, brushing should be introduced to children. However, most parents around 63% wait until their children get a number of teeth before they start brushing them.
Until the age of two, all the baby teeth should be brushed very gently using a small and toothbrush with a pea size quantity of a toothpaste containing fluoride. From 2 to 6 years of age, this pea sized quantity of toothpaste is more than enough.
Moreover, before the child gets his first tooth, his gums are to be cleaned with a towel or napkin after feeding. If a child has poor brushing habits it contributes to cavities and other oral diseases. Children should be in a habit to brush their teeth daily so that later on they do not have a problem of abiding by it.
Bedtime/ Naptime Activity- Water to be Filled in Children’s sippy cups and water bottles.
Most parents aren’t aware that children shouldn’t be sleeping with a sippy cup or bottle unless it has water. Most of the parents tend to give their children juices or milk bedtime which has amounts of sugar and when left on the teeth can cause tooth decay which can lead to white dental fillings. Teeth are to be rinsed properly and brushed if any time children are consuming snacks or beverages containing sugar.
Some other important habits for healthy smiles:
1. Parents should help floss or make it compulsory for the child to floss daily.
2. Within the first six months of the arrival of the first tooth, Kids should pay a visit to the dentist.
3. Parents should cut off activities such as utensils sharing as these transfer bacteria from one mouth to another.

Overlooked oral health habits for children