Keeping Teeth Straight After Braces

While many people celebrate the day when their braces are being taken off, little do they realize that how much care they have to take to ensure the result of their braces stay the same in the long run. Just after your braces are taken off, you look at your teeth in the mirror; perfectly aligned white teeth, the smile you had been waiting for since forever. To maintain your teeth straight after braces, patients need to do do retainers.

Here is what you need to know about retainers:

Why do I need retainers?

  • Just because your braces are off and you have the perfect smile doesn’t mean it will stay this way. Your jaw bone keeps replacing itself and if you release the pressure all of a sudden your jaw might start shaping itself into the previous shape which means all of your efforts go wasted. This is why retainers and the commitment to wear them is important so that you can retain the beautiful smile

How do these retainers work?

  • While your teeth will naturally want to shift over time, retainers send signals to the roots of your teeth to ensure that they stay in place and your smile is aligned. Some retainers might be fixed in your mouth while others like clear retainer trays can be removed. However, retainers will only work if you keep wearing them

How long do I need to wear these retainers for?

  • The first six months after your braces are removed, it is the most crucial ones as your teeth are still actively moving. Most patients have to wear retainers for the whole day in the initial six months but after that, they only have to wear it at night. Your teeth are very strong but they are prone to move and the only way to keep them aligned in the long run is to wear retainers. A number of adult orthodontic patients are cases of relapse and well they regret not wearing their retainers

After all, you have spent a lot on your treatment and you cannot see it going to waste, so make sure you always wear your retainers