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10 worst behaviors for teeth

While regularly brushing your teeth, flossing, regular visits to the dentist may be very important for oral hygiene and a beautiful smile however, there are some things which you might be doing on a daily basis, most unconsciously, which might be hazardous to your teeth. This blog mentions ten behaviors which might cause immediate damage to your teeth like chipping or may cause damage over time like erosion.

  • Using the wrong toothbrush: using a brush that’s too hard will cause your gums to recede and cause abrasion damage to the surfaces of the tooth. It is deal to use a soft bristled brush
  • Brushing frequently and too forcefully: even though you might be using the right brush you might be applying it to forcefully which will damage the gums. You should gently brush your tooth to remove the plaque and bacteria. Brushing to often can be damaging and brushing right after food can also cause the enamel to erode because of the acids in the food
  • Nail biting: this habit exerts force on the teeth which can wear it don or cause erosion
  • Grinding and clenching: jaw clenching or tooth grinding can cause excessive bite forces which results in tothwear, fractures or even loosens the teeth. It usually happens at night so you can wear a night guard to protect that habit.
  • Chewing ice cubes: the force required to bite through frozen water is immense and hence damages your teeth
  • Using your teeth as tools: people usually use their teeth for tearing tags, opening bottles etc which causes chipping and fractures the teeth.
  • Playing sports without using a mouth guard: it is mandatory to wear one no matter what sport you are playing as it protects your teeth from breaking and your lips from cutting
  • Dry mouth: saliva is important to neutralize the acids which cause enamel. If you have a dry mouth not only does it cause enamel erosion but also leads to cavities and bad breath
  • Sugary foods: sugary foods and drink both increase the chance of tooth decay. These produce cavity causing acids as they digest.
  • Coffee or soda drinking: these drinks are very acidic. These bathe your teeth in damaging acidity and do not give your saliva a chance to neutralize it causing immense tooth decay that also very often.

worst behaviours for teeth