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7 of the most common dental pitfalls

Keeping our oral hygiene high is something that we all struggle to maintain but only a few of us can achieve it. We all are faced with the occasional break in our routine after which we find it difficult to go back from where we started. This article talks about the seven pitfalls which most people face and why you guys should try to stay out of it whenever possible
1. Brushing twice a day: while this tip is certainly the most obvious and important one however almost a quarter of adults in each country do not brush their teeth twice. Regular brushing stops plaque from building up. To make sure you get the best results you should brush your teeth for at least two minutes every time you brush
2. Incorrect brushing technique: not only brushing, but making sure you brush correctly is also as important. We at times miss areas of our mouth. We need to make sure that every tooth is cleaned and the overall surface of our mouth is also cleaned as well.
3. Not using the right toothbrush: toothbrush come with varying thickness and different bristles. The best idea is to buy a small headed brush as it can reach every corner and hence cleans your teeth efficiently. The softer the bristles the more they can protect your teeth.
4. Not replacing your tooth brush often: most of us keep using our toothbrush even when we need to buy a new one badly. Once the bristles start loosening up your brush has no more energy left in it and it is time to get a new one. It is best to buy more than one tooth brush at a time and always have a spare one. If a brush gets ruined and you still use it then it will not do its function properly hence not removing the plaque.
5. Not using floss: doing floss regularly is very important to keep the areas between your teeth clean. No matter how properly you brush some areas will still be left. Building up of plaque on the gum line causes a lot of gum diseases.
6. A lot of sugar in your diet: this is the most important and prevalent reason for tooth decay with the biggest culprit being fizzy drinks
7. Not visiting the dentist: we usually do not give our dentist a regular visit which means by the time we discover a problem it has already worsened.


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