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Bad breath- is it just embarrassing?

Did you know people in countries like USA spend about $3 million on products which ensure good breath. These include gums, mints and various mouthwashes just to solve the problem of halitosis; another word for bad breath. Not only does bad breath have a bad impact on your social life and degrade your self confidence but it also causes a lot of problems for those on the receiving end. Not only does it make it very difficult for them to inform you about this problem but also you feel like you are being mocked all the time. It is very difficult for people to get to the root cause of this problem and hence this blog is specially aimed towards restoring your self confidence by eliminating this problem. There are some things that cause the smell to occur immediately after you have consumed them. These include things like garlic, onion and cheese which release chemicals and that is why cause the bad breath. Other types of bad breath which are unavoidable include morning breath which is caused by dryness and hence also smells very bad. In some people the case is extreme but there is a mild case of morning bad breath in everyone does occur. The actual problem which is very difficult to get rid of originates from untreated gum disease or from certain proteins which are stuck in your mouth and then start getting processed by oral bacteria. When these are processed by the tongue they lead to the formation of certain sulphur compounds. The main reason for this bad odor is linked to the formation of these compounds which when left in the mouth to travel and stay for longer periods of time cause a very bad smell. Another cause for bad breath is some general body diseases. The main solution to this problem is to maintain good oral health. For people who face extreme conditions of this problem might have to brush more than thrice a day. Other than that it is advisable to use mouthwashes with menthol in them to eradicate the bad breath as it has a very over powering smell. Using mint strips or sugar free chewing gums with an element of mint is them is an easy way to decrease this problem. Small steps to finish this problem will lead to a permanent solution.

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