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Building a better oral health routine

Most of us have set routines in our daily lives whether that includes waking up and going to work or planning what we have to do when we come back from work but our brain unconsciously adheres to these routines and remembers those shortcuts. At times these shortcuts might be bad for us. The same happens with our dental care routines. If we don’t brush our teeth regularly or at a specific time or just forget to floss sometimes this could prove to be very harmful. This article talks about setting the perfect routine for your teeth:

  • Neuroscientists say that we do a particular thing if we get a reward for it. So for instance we might decide to skip brushing at night because we feel it helps us to get more time in bed. If we associate more rewards to a particular habit we will be more inclined to do it and we should do the same with teeth brushing
  • There are a number of ways which you could use to create a routine which helps you. The whole idea is to set up a routine which helps you to incorporate your new plan so that even after brushing you get enough time to sleep and hence do not think about skipping your brushing routine at night. While it usually takes 2 months to get used to a new routine here are some tips which you could use to ensure that you can easily follow the routine:
  1. Reward yourself for every milestone that you achieve. This can also be a physical reward and should become better with each milestone you achieve so that you have a incentive to perform better every day
  2. Chart your progress and put it in a prominent place for example on your fridge so that you can see it every now and then to know how much you have improved since the day you started. This helps you track your rewards and makes you feel better.
  3. Set an alarm for every time you have to brush so that you do not forget. Also keep a frequent reminder.
  4. You could always ask people around you like your friends or family members to help you by reminding you to brush frequently.
  5. Coaching yourself is the most beneficial. Remind yourself about the health benefits of brushing and how dirty teeth look unhealthy.

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