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Candies which keep your kid’s teeth healthy

Halloween is very famous amongst children as they consider it the best time of the year. You all know why because they get their favourite candies easily without asking their parents even, what could be better. The secret here is that during an oral survey 80% of the parents admitted that they enjoy eating their kid’s candies. Some candies, however, damage your teeth more than others which make the tooth extraction dental procedure compulsory in most cases.

Protecting teeth the best way? Consume candies in small proportions each day either as a dessert or just after a meal. Most of the kids who followed this did not have to go through white dental fillings as the amount of cavity in their teeth was less. Make sure the candy melts away quickly because the longer the teeth are exposed to sugar the more they are prone to decay. Mentioned below are some candies which comparatively do not harm your teeth. The least harmful is number 1.

  1. Sugar-free candies that contains Xylitol                                                                  

Sugar usually interacts with the bacteria present in the mouth and produces acid which can easily cause decay. Xylitol, on the other hand, protects your teeth and gums by stopping the production of acids and by producing excess saliva which washes away bacteria. Only 44% of kids are given such candies during Halloween, and this number should be greatly increased.

  1. Powdery candy 

Although powdery candy has pure sugar which is very harmful but it does not stick against the teeth and melts away quickly which means minimal harm to the teeth

  1. Chocolate

Chocolate can be eaten easily and it also dissolve abruptly hence decreases harm to teeth. The high amount of calcium in it can be used to protect teeth enamel. As compared to the plain ones, Chocolate with nuts and caramel can do much more harm. Most of the kids are generally given this type of candy.

  1. Hard candy
    Hard candy is harmful because it is usually sucked for leisure rather than being eaten quickly. Also since the name suggests it can be difficult hen biting and can cause teeth to chip off. At halloweem, 50% of these are consumed by kids.
  2. Chewy candy 
    These are the most harmful since they stay in the mouth for the longest and hence are in continuous contact with the teeth. It is also very hard for the saliva to break these down.

The best way to protect teeth and to avoid dental fillings and other painful procedures is to give out non-candy items. Many parents give out treats like money, gifts and fruits to kids at Halloween which might be a bit expensive but do not damage your teeth.