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How to choose the toothpaste right for you

There are abundance of choices when it comes to toothpastes , it can be overwhelming. From whitening toothpastes to ones with all natural ingredients to fluoride. How can you possibly know what is best for you? Some of the generic types of toothpastes are:

-Desensitizing: These help in relieving and preventing the sudden toothache caused by a beverage too hot, or an ice cream bite too cold.

-Tartar Control: They help fight plaque buildup on your teeth which is a layer of bacteria that can harden (called tartar) and get almost impossible to remove without the help of a dentist.

-Smoker’s: Designed specifically for the teeth of those who smoke tobacco. Smokers often find that their teeth become stained because of the process of drawing tobacco smoke in their mouths. With the passage of time the teeth get contaminated with brown spots due to the tar. Smoker’s toothpastes usually contain some substances that remove these spots, leaving teeth looking whiter.

-Whitening: The name is pretty much self explanatory, they contain polishing agents which reveal the real white color of your teeth in all its glory. They work in a similar way to Smoker’s toothpaste and are focused on ridding teeth of spots and yellowing.

-Herbal: They are an increasingly popular choice for a variety of reasons. Some people are sensitive to certain elements in the ordinary toothpastes. They also attract those who are concerned of the their effects on the environment because they use only natural ingredients. Some of these toothpastes do not contain fluoride but it is recommended by dentists that only toothpastes with fluoride are used in order to protect and strengthen tooth enamel.

-Low/No Fluoride: These are usually toothpastes for children or recommended in areas where the amount of fluoride in the water is high so that being posed by excessive fluoride can be avoided. It is also not uncommon for children’s toothpastes to be  flavored, but that has no effect on the cleaning and is only a matter of personal choice.

Whether you like having a mint flavor in your mouth for hours after you brush or like how the strawberry flavored toothpaste tastes, or even if you rinse your mouth every time after you brush until the taste of the toothpaste is long gone, the toothpaste for you is out there. As daunting a task as it may seem the rules of choosing a toothpaste can be summarized into two sentences (the rest is a matter of personal preference)

  1. Its should be approved for safety by the ADA ( American Dental Association) look for their seal of safety on the packet.
  2. Your dentist should be okay with your choice, after all, no one knows your mouth better than your dentist.