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Most common reasons for tooth pain

Tooth pain not only varies from person to person but differs mainly because of the root cause behind it. From a mild pain to a constant throbbing pain patients are usually very upset by the pain when they come to the dentist and most of the time they do not even know the reason. The most common reasons for tooth pain include:

  1. Cavity: this usually happens to those who do not take proper care of their oral hygiene and do not brush after meals. When food particles are left behind the bacteria feed on them and produce a very harmful acid which over the time eats on the teeth enamel and ends up causing you a lot of pain.
  2. Gum recession: brushing to often or brushing to hard sometimes recedes away your gums exposing the sensitive tooth roots. When these roots have their covering removed any small incident can cause a lot of pain which might become unbearable in certain occasions.
  3. Dental work: when you have done a dental work recently the pulp tissues in your mouth get inflamed and might get swollen. This usually causes temporary sensitivity which heals as soon as the work becomes old and the pulp heals
  4. Loose or old filling: fillings are mainly put to seal areas which have been affected by past decay. If these fillings don’t fit properly and are kept loose then air and food particles might enter these and irritate the exposed nerves and hence causing a lot of pain.
  5. Teeth chipping: over time the teeth become weak due to a lot of pressure and caused by chewing and biting. When thin lines appear on the teeth this means they start cracking or fracturing, hence nerve endings are exposed and may become sensitive hence causing a lot of pain.
  6. Periodontal disease: this happens when the tissues which support the teeth are infected, usually caused by the buildup of bacteria in your mouth near the gums which is responsible for causing inflammation. In severe cases this infection usually travels to the end of the tooth roots and can cause a lot of pain especially inside the tooth.
  7. Abscess: a pus filled sac which mostly occurs when there is some infection. It usually occurs at the base of the tooth or in the place between the tooth and the gum. This causes a sharp pain.

common reasons for tooth pain