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A complete guide to oral health

Think about your oral health for a moment. It is something that we all ignore but shouldn’t be doing it. Developing and maintaining a health dental lifestyle does not have to be expensive or time consuming but once you maintain it there are numerous health benefits of it not only for your mouth but also for your overall well being. You can follow these 4 simple steps to ensure that your teeth are healthy and you have a beautiful smile.

  1. Brushing: brushing your teeth regularly and thoroughly is an important step in keeping your gums healthy and in preventing tooth decay. While brushing, you can remove the bacteria and plaque easily which is responsible for most of the damage. You should brush your teeth properly up and down with a gentle and circular motion. This does not mean that you brush your teeth too hard which cause the gums to recede. Clean the entire surface of the mouth which includes chewing side, cheek side and tongue side. Picking a soft brush with round bristles. If the brush is of the proper size it lets you reach the back of your teeth as well.
  2. Interdental cleaning: this removes the plaque and bacteria which cannot be removed by brushing alone. You should clean between your teeth at least once a day with floss or tape to make sure the plaque does not build up and harden. You should gently put the floss between your teeth. You can use other things like an interdental tooth brush but it is better to ask your dentist which size suits your mouth.
  3. Avoid certain substances: firstly you should take less sugar intake. This helps reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth. If you ever do eat sugary foods you should brush immediately after that. Beware of acidic foods and drinks. Acid strips of the enamel from your teeth. This makes the interior structure of the teeth very weak. Smoking is another thing which has harmful effects on your teeth. This is primarily because it interferes with the normal functioning of your teeth making your teeth more prone to infections
  4. Pay a regular visit to your dentist. If plaque is not removed it embeds itself under the gums and causes diseases time to time. big cavities can become a serious problem and the correlation between gum and heart diseases is surprising.

complete guide to oral health