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Danger of energy drinks to oral heath

A number of health statistics state that regular consumption of sports drink by children, most of which is because of peer pressure, can have a bad effect on a person’s oral health. About 68% of children between 12 to 14 years of age consume these drinks the most.

This, according to a research, is mainly because of the lack of awareness amongst children about the harmful effects most foods drinks, considered heathy, can have on our health. While most parents do realize how harmful it can be however stopping children within this age bracket can be quite a difficult task.

The government is calling for more people to spread awareness among people about the dangers of hidden sugar in food that we consume the most. This would not only stop them from consuming these goods but will also help them in identifying healthier options like water or milk

Most of the problem starts when you ask your child to choose from an array of drinks neither of them having any nutritional benefit. Not only are you encouraging your child to consume more of these but you make them think that it is nothing harmful.

Drinking sports drinks for example has become the norm. These were initially used by athletes only that too as an aid to boost their performance. Even in those cases it led to immense amounts of tooth decay. Children these days however ignore the negative aspects and look at only the outer benefits that is increased energy. There are about 33,000 children annually who are admitted in hospitals to get their teeth removed under general anesthesia, most of which is due to the lack of knowledge about harmful sugars.

Different acids and sugars in sport drinks are the reason for tooth decay. This happens when the sugar in these drinks reacts with the bacteria in the plaque. This forms acids hectare responsible for destroying the enamel on our teeth. When the enamel breaks down it causes a hole or cavity on the tooth. At time the tooth might even have to be removed.

What people should understand is that these drinks are only meant for sportsmen and that’s how they should be used. They are so bad that they should not even be used as an alternative to fizzy drinks otherwise you will be responsible for the cavity in your child’s teeth.

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