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Why dental checkups are important

One of the major issues facing dentists and patients is that most of them do not visit the dentist on a regular basis. According to a research half of the adults haven’t seen a dentist in the past two years. The only reason we visit a dentist is when we feel there is something wrong. Other than that we do not feel the urge to visit a dentist to have a regular checkup because unless we have a serious problem we do not think it’s important. About 31% adults have a tooth decay whereas 66% of people have visible plaque on the teeth and the rest have periods on intense pain but take medicines to subside it rather than going to a dentist

It is essential for both adults and children to visit the dentist frequently and those who have a problem should visit the dentist when they are called. The main problem is that most of us ignore problems related to our mouth as compared to other parts of our body. This is simply because since we cannot see our teeth that often we keep thinking that nothing can be possibly wrong. There are a number of teeth related issues which are left untreated simply because we do not visit a dentist. We allow most of these problems to worsen before we even go to a dentist. To common issues left unchecked include:

  1. Allowing gums to bleed: if we let our gums bleed for long periods of time before treating them it can cause cavities and inflamed gums. Pockets develop under the gum-line which is filled with bacteria which eat away the teeth and cause teeth loss. Visiting the dentist regularly ensures that proper gum health is maintained and early treatment to prevent serious problems
  2. Tooth pain: this is mostly caused when cavities are formed. Once a cavity reaches the point where it starts to hurt you then you either need to get a root canal done or excessive filling is done. If you get regular checkups you can ensure that it is identified earlier and hence you can maintain additional brushing routines.

Dental checkups are cost efficient when it comes to getting major dental treatments done like getting a crown or tooth replacement. Private checkups are also not that expensive. You should make these a part of your daily routine.

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