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All about denture adhesives that you need to know

For all those who have dentures or are about to get them anytime soon may have a number of questions. Most of these questions pertain to them being worried whether they will stay in place and how to make sure that happens. Although most people may have dentures which fit well they need some extra security. This is where denture adhesives play an important role.

Denture adhesive is usually a product which is applied to the underside of dentures so that when you put them in your mouth they come in contact with your gums and make it very difficult for the dentures to move around or slip out of place.

While using adhesives is not recommended it should be used only after you have consulted your dentist. If your dentures are fitted properly you will not need adhesives. On the other hand as you grow older the shape and size of your gum changes and hence it is important you make new dentures because ill fitted dentures can cause sores and injuries. Adhesives are useful when you need some extra security for your dentures.

Denture adhesives come in a number of forms including powder, gel, paste and even pads. The gel and paste form can be applied directly whereas the powder form needs to be mixed with water and the adhesive pads have to be cut in the shape of your denture and need to be stuck to the bottom of the dentures. The saliva in your mouth changes the consistency of these adhesives and help in giving a stronger and elastic grip. Each denture is very different so it is best to follow the instructions on the packet. Just make sure that you are not applying a lot, if the adhesive oozes from below the denture it clearly means you are applying a lot and you need to remove some.
Although adhesives do not cause any harm to your dentures however it may become unhygienic if you do not clean it regularly. It is mandatory that you remove dentures before you sleep and remove the entire adhesive on them. Each application of adhesive is not meant to last longer than one time and if you keep them for longer without washing them it may cause bacteria to build up and this may infect your gums. It is best to visit your dentist before you start using adhesives