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Discoloration of teeth

Have you ever faced embarrassment due to yellow teeth? Have you ever felt insecure about your beauty due to your teeth? How many times has it happened that you try to smile during a picture, laugh freely and you don’t want anyone to notice your teeth.

Teeth discoloration is a common dental problem. Especially among people who have poor hygiene and those who do not give inadequate time to brushing their teeth. There are also specific substances that cause discoloration. Coffee, tobacco, being one of them. These substances hit the enamel and dentin, the two basic parts of teeth and cause discoloration.

Discoloration can also be caused due to excessive use of antibiotics and flouride. People who have antibiotics in their regular routine have more chances to be affected by this disease.

There are several home remedies that are suggested to whiten yellow teeth. But medical preventions and remedies are a better cure than the home remedies. Producing effective and permanent results.

  • Stop smoking on an immediate Not only does smoking causes discoloration of your teeth, but also cause other health related problems such as lung and mouth cancer.
  • Consume soda is your beverage. Soda is a single most ingredient that prevents yellow teeth.
  • Maintain good brushing and flossing routine. Due to the busy schedule, many people do not give adequate time to brushing. The ideal time should be 10 minutes, and the ideal times should be 2 times a day. Also avoid taking any meals in between, especially before sleeping. As they get stuck in your teeth and cause cavity and discoloration.
  • Avoid consuming acidic food items, as they are extremely hazardous for your teeth. Or try consuming milk or water after acidic food intake, as it moulds the effect of it.
  • Visit a dentist for regular scaling, bleaching and polishing. Bleaching and polishing your teeth, gives them shining, color. and also help uplift the yellow or pale tone.
  • Maintain range of high-quality dental products. A good white toothpaste, a refreshing mouth water and a hardcore toothbrush will help you obtain better dental results.

Yellow teeth thus is not a serious dental problem. It is a common problem faced by all. All you need to do is give little time and investment to your teeth. Consult a good dentist and give monthly visits.  you will then surely be able to laugh and smile with all your heart and walk with confidence.