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Are you eating without your teeth or dentures?

If you have broken some of your teeth and haven’t got them replaced by dental implants or have found dentures difficult to use then it is most likely that you have to learn to eat without them. In some cases, you may also find it very easy to eat without them. While this may seem very convenient, it is very dangerous for your mouth and the rest of your body. There are some health issues you need to consider before you decide to eat without your dentures. These include:

  • Gum and jaw issues: when you decide to eat without your teeth, your gums have to put a lot of pressure to ensure that the food is chewed small enough to be swallowed. Dentures, although less powerful than teeth, do part of the job. Overtime your teeth and gums become sore and swollen by processing large amounts of food. The jaw bone is also in a constant state of change. The bone becomes weak over time and is prone to fractures.
  • Gastrointestinal problems: the whole process of digestion begins in your mouth and if you do not chew the food properly which is the first step, the whole process gets messed up. When food is not properly chewed and the pieces are too big to be digested, incomplete digestion occurs. This undigested food becomes fodder for the bacteria in the colon causing infections. If you have to continue eating without your teeth it is better to eat food which has already been processed and does not have to be chewed a lot in order to avoid such problems. Although this may avoid all the nutrients from getting absorbed in your body, it is better than all the other problems that can be caused.

So the question now is that how can this be solved? Eating without dentures can cause serious shift and long term problems. Teeth play a very important role in your life and trying to live without them on a long term basis is not really the solution. There might be a number of reasons why someone might decide to not use dentures for example financial problems or social embarrassment, however; the best option is to visit your dentist. He/ she might have the solution to your problems and will help in solving your problems.

eating without teeth or dentures