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Exciting things to do just before you get your braces

If you are just about to get your braces you might be excited because not only will you get a beautiful smile but your teeth will also become straighter and you will have better oral health. However along with all these benefits come some disadvantages too. There are a few foods and drinks that do not go well with braces in the sense that it becomes very difficult to consume them and they might even damage your braces. A day before you get your braces you should consume all these foods so that you can get them out of your system and you do not crave it any time soon.

A day before you get your braces you should snack on some of the following foods since you will have to avoid them later on. These include:

  • Hard candy
  • Popcorn
  • Nuts
  • Carrots
  • Bagels

Once you get your braces you have to use a number of tools and special tooth brushes to ensure that your teeth remain clean. You can use your dental floss and normal toothbrush freely one last time before all those wires are placed in your mouth and you have to keep struggling. Don’t worry about later on because your dentist will guide you for now just enjoy brushing without the wires getting in your way

Although getting braces is very exciting some people get very anxious at the thought of all the pain and problems it will cause. The best way to alleviate these feelings is to party with your friends or go for a movie. Your braces may be there for a year or longer but you do not need to worry because they will be off before you even know. Your dentist will discuss everything with you so for now you should just relax

Last but not the least you should take a picture of how you look before the braces. You can take a picture just after your braces get removed to see how much difference there has been. Taking a picture is the first step in documenting your braces journey and you will surely love it.

You should think about how healthy your mouth will be and the perfect smile you will get right after those braces. It is very important to stay positive before you embark on this journey.