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Is fluoride bad for toddlers?

Parents are really concerned when it comes to choosing the right toothpaste for their children specially toddlers. They are not sure whether fluoride toothpastes are healthy for their children. Initially dentists used to recommend parents to let their children use fluoride toothpastes when they became 2 years old. However, this has lately changed as dentists are allowing parents to use toothpastes as soon as the child’s teeth start showing. This article discusses why it is safe for children to use fluoride toothpastes.

Firstly explaining what fluoride is, it is an effective way to reverse early signs of tooth decay in children. Not only it helps to make the tooth structure stronger but also makes them more resistant to acid attacks. A number of countries have fluoride mixed in their water hence it become part of your diet when you drink water, however this is not the case for all of the countries. Also the trend of bottled water has ensured that families do not get enough fluoride. This is the reason why parents are told to make sure that their child visits the dentist as early as one year old.

The above mentioned reason is the biggest cause which has made dentists allow toddlers to use fluoride toothpastes. Furthermore, there has been a noted increase in cavities among children with a number of severe cases. Dentists hope that introducing fluoride toothpastes will help solve this problem. Dentists however recommend that children spit out the toothpaste immediately after they are one brushing because prolonged usage of fluoride can not only cause teeth enamel to erode but can also cause problems like ADHD. Swallowing toothpaste is not that big a problem but it can become one if the habit is not corrected over time.

It is beneficial to use fluoride toothpastes at a young age because you can get cavities as soon as your teeth start coming out. Parents sometimes confuse pain associated with cavities to that of teething. It is essential you show your child to a dentist as soon as he talks about any sort of pain. As long as using fluoride toothpastes is concerned you should strike a balance between using enough to prevent decay and not going overboard. You also need to keep in mind your child’s diet to make sure whether he is getting fluoride from other sources or not. If your child enjoys soda and other sugary sweets a little fluoride will be necessary to prevent decay

is fluoride bad for children