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Front tooth replacement options

While mouth guards may be the best option when it comes to protecting your teeth at times you might break a front tooth and not realize till days after. Now that there isn’t much that you can do… here are the steps to follow:

  • You should stay as calm as possible
  • Pick the tooth from the crown and wash the root if it is dirty
  • Try to put the tooth back again in the mouth and bite it down with the cloth
  • If that isn’t possible try to keep it in the mouth between the cheek and molars if there isn’t a threat of swallowing
  • If you can’t do that either place the tooth in some milk. Do not put it in water
  • Seek professional help immediately as all your efforts will go to waste if you take too long to go to a dentist

After you have done all this you need to know what different options you have to get that lost front tooth replaced. While all teeth are important we all know that front teeth have way more importance than others. The first and foremost effort will be to fit the original tooth back in place. In some cases the dentist will try to anchor the tooth back in place and tell you not to bite in order to health the soft and hard tissues around it. While this may happen sometimes your dentist will still tell you to come back and visit him or call him immediately if the tooth is turning black.

However, if that cannot happen there are other options as well. Dental implants are the best option. These are strong and designed in such a way as to infuse with the surrounding bone. While these usually last for your whole life another problem is a crown has to be placed on top of it. If the original tooth is available an impression is made of it to make sure that the crown feels like your original tooth. Dental implants are usually not possible right away and you have to give your tooth some time to heal from the trauma, which is usually a waiting period of three months. You need to make sure that the dentist you go to is one of the best dentists in town because you certainly do not want to mess up with your front tooth.


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front tooth replacement options