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How to get your braces off faster

The most asked question by one who has braces is how can I get my braces off faster which is a very relevant question. While braces are used to straighten your teeth and make them look better the time required for each patient may vary depending on how bad a condition their teeth are in. If you have worn your braces for a long time you might wonder how you can take them off at the earliest possible time. This article talks about a few things you could follow to make sure the results are as you expected and that too in a short time:

  1. Watch what you eat: limiting what you eat is an important factor when it comes to taking your braces off faster. Staying away from carbonated drinks is good for you because these drinks make your teeth weak which prevent them from moving properly. Steer away from sticky and gooey candies as they stick to your braces and limit their functioning. The wires can also bend out of place and the teeth will not move in the particular direction. Chop up hard foods like apple and if you cannot do that take smaller bites so as to prevent the wires from breaking in places. Do not chew on hard objects like pencils and nails when you have braces as they can affect your teeth.
  2. Properly care for your braces: every time you take that extra step in making sure your braces are clean and well kept you are speeding up the process. Brush your teeth with a soft bristle brush after every meal in soft circular motions in between the brackets also. Floss daily so that plaque does not build up between your teeth. The healthier your teeth and gums are the faster they will move which means your braces will come off faster. Wear your rubber bands regularly because they help straighten your teeth.
  3. Consider accelerated treatment: you can take proactive steps if you are in too much of a hurry. There are accelerated treatments offered by some dentists and you can get those done. A simpler treatment called the propel chair side excellerator is a simpler version which is done by just increasing the gaps in your teeth or spacing etc whereas the acceledent is a more complex version. However, it is recommended you make changes in your teeth routine rather than going for these treatments.