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Help for common tooth injuries

Tooth injuries occur frequently specially in children who play different sports or smaller children who play carelessly. Other than that biting on to something hard or grinding your teeth are the most common ways to chip, crack or loosen your tooth. It is better to take some first aid precautions because a dentist might not be available immediately. The type of first aid you rely on would be different for the type of injury. The blog mentions some of the most common types of injuries that might occur and what you should do.

  1. Knocking out your tooth: if you replant a broken tooth within 5 minutes there are greater chances that your gums will accept them back. This is because the ligaments that attach the teeth to the bone are still present on the top and hence may do their work. First remove the debris from the tooth by washing it with cold water. It is advisable not to touch the root of the tooth and to hold it by the top. After that push the tooth in the gum and apply pressure to make sure it stays in the gum. If that’s not possible put pressure on the area to make sure the bleeding stops. Try to keep the tooth in the person’s saliva that is between the gums and cheek only if the patient is not a kid and will not swallow the tooth. If it is a baby tooth do not put it back in the gum because this will cause problems with the tooth coming after that.
  2. Displaced tooth: if a tooth comes out from its original place or is pushed deeper into the gum do not try to correct it yourself. Take the person to the dentist as soon as possible because the longer the tooth is left out of alignment it will be harder to put it back in its original place.
  3. Chipped tooth: try to find the tooth fragment if you can because it can be attached back to the broken tooth most of the times using tooth-coloured bonding, but do not try to do this at home
  4. Fractured tooth: this is similar to the chipping off teeth but more extensive damage has occurred. just do not wiggle the tooth or try to remove it and avoid biting on it as it is sensitive to pressure and changing temperatures.

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