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Why you should look after your baby’s teeth

Something that’s important and often ignored while parents are busy fussing over their children’s health is their teeth. At a young age a babies teeth start growing out usually, by the time the baby is 6 months old. The number of baby teeth is usually 20. The arrangement which these teeth grow in will be followed by the adult teeth later on in life i/e they will be aligned according to the manner in which baby teeth before them fall out. This means that if there were irregularities in the pattern of the baby teeth, they will continue in the adult teeth, they also help a child to talk properly. Not only this, but cavities and harmful bacteria is much more likely to stay unnoticed in babies than in adults for several obvious reasons. Hence, it is essential to look after them.

Potential damage to the baby’s teeth can be caused by a few things such as sweet drinks or food can settle on your baby’s teeth, and bacteria feed on these sugars and produce acid that is harmful for the teeth. It is recommended that the baby is not given anything but breast milk, formula and water in the bottle as it is very common for the baby to have the bottle in his mouth for comfort even after falling asleep, this increases the chances of cavities. The same can happen with honey or sugar laced on a pacifier and given to the baby to suck on for a long time. Moreover, water should be given to the baby after each meal to remove any food lodged in between the teeth, which can also help prevent cavities. The baby’s teeth should be brushed regularly, with great care, make sure you use a soft brush and a toothpaste that has low fluoride in it. Brush gently on all sides of the teeth and keep a lookout for any signs of tooth decay.

It is also highly advised to take your baby for their first visit to the dentist within 6 months of their teeth starting to sprout out. This will ensure that there are no unseen damages that have occurred to either the teeth or the gums which might even cause infections later on. Your baby’s wellbeing is of immense significance to you, taking care of their teeth, however, is often overshadowed.  From bad breath to food poisoning, a lot can be avoided just by paying attention to the baby’s oral hygiene. To make sure that your baby grows up to be completely healthy and happy, you should also look after that smile.

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