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Looking after our teeth on the go

Looking after your oral healthcare might be very difficult if you have a busy routine or are enjoying a nice vacation. Rushing to lunch before a meeting while you indulge in a chocolaty treat has a very harmful impact on our teeth. Although most of us brush our teeth for up to 2 minutes twice a day with proper fluoride toothpaste however, but between the first and last brush your teeth may be under attack if it does not have time to recover. Our teeth is at the risk of being attacked by an acid attack immediately after you have food specially if the food we consume has a lot of sugar in it. The acid is produced by the sugars in our food and drink which cause the enamel to dissolve and hence cavities form.

Latest studies have shown that including sugar free gums in your lifestyle can benefit your oral health to a large extent. Although it does not replace the benefit that brushing has however it can help to clean your teeth and recover from the germs after a meal. This is done by producing more saliva which is nature’s way of securing your teeth from acid hence protecting it from bacteria. Eating chewing gum increases the saliva and helps to replace the minerals quickly. Sugar free gums can be used as a cost effective and helpful addition to your family. It is recommended that besides using sugar free gum you continue to brush your teeth twice a day to make sure your teeth remain clean and healthy. Through the use of sugar free gums we can help address the decline of oral health problems around the world.

More than a million dental problems are addressed each year which can be preventable if caught early. The awareness of early prevention methods like sugar free gums and floss should be widespread in order to make sure that maximum people benefit from it and to prevent them from spending a large amount of money on dental problems. A recent research in the British dental journal said that if all 12 years across the UK used sugar free chewing gum they could save around 8.2 million pounds on dental treatments. This shows how beneficial such methods could be if they are used efficiently.

taking care of teeth on the go