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Maintaining good dental health

Your dentist is only a partner in helping you maintain your dental health but in the end it all depends on how well you do your part in making sure your oral health is maintained. While we focus on only the basics which includes brushing, flossing etc we are not quite sure about how often we need to carry these out or how much time we have to spend each time.

This article discusses some of the basic principles which everyone needs to follow if they want to make sure their teeth and gums remain healthy and the consequences which follow if not followed properly. These include:

  • Spending at least three minutes brushing your teeth twice a day. To be more specific you could use a timer to ensure you are not spending less than three minutes. Most people brush their teeth even thrice a day but if you are not brushing properly each time it is not helpful and will not remove any cavities.
  • Use a floss at least once a day to remove food particles which are stuck in between your teeth. While brushing your teeth twice a day might sound enough however most of the times some food particles are stuck between your teeth and even brushing cannot remove them so it is better to floss your teeth once at night
  • Buy dental cleaning tools and toothpaste which are approved by the dental association in your area. This helps make sure that they do not negatively affect your teeth and rather help benefit them.

All these basic, easy to follow principles make sure that there is no plaque buildup on your teeth because that is the root cause of all diseases. Adults who let plaque buildup often develop infections in the tissues around their teeth.

Consequences of poor hygiene:

If your teeth are poorly kept it helps plaque to accumulate around the teeth which causes gums to become red and inflamed. Not taking good care of your teeth and not visiting the dentist regularly could also lead to empty spaces in your teeth which would lead to destruction of bones and other tissues supporting your teeth which would lead to you losing your teeth. If you take good care of your teeth and look after them properly with often dentist checkups it would lead to reversal of early gum diseases.