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Overcoming dental anxiety

Dental anxiety is a very common phobia among people.  Every one person out of ten has this problem. This phobia is so strong that people are actually scared of visiting the dentist and since oral hygiene is very important this is something that should not be ignored. Dental anxiety is either mild or severe there is no in between. This article talks about different ways to help overcome this problem.

Mild dental anxiety:

This usually occurs when a person feels discomfort and nervousness at the dentist. This can be treated in a number of ways for example:

  • Talking to your dentist: Talking to your dentist is the first step in overcoming this anxiety because he is the only one who can cam you down and make you feel better. Make sure that your dentists understand exactly what you are going through and works on them so as to make your visit relaxed. One way to do this is by taking a number of breaks during the procedure
  • Practice breathing techniques: these techniques not only help to relax your body but also shifts your focus to other things. This helps to prevent anxiety when you are sitting in the dentist’s seat. These are very easy and involve you exhaling and inhaling through your nose. This also helps to prevent you from feeling suffocated when things are put in your mouth.
  • Use relaxing techniques: there are different relaxation techniques and each work for different people so you might want to try a number of them before you decide which one suits you. You could bring in your favorite music in your phone and listen to it or you could have the nurse talk to you.

Severe dental anxiety:

If you have severe anxiety it cannot be solved by the above-mentioned techniques. This is more of a physiological phobia which occurs because of different fears.

  • Counselling: you can receive counselling for your phobia and reach the root cause of what causes the fear. This proves to be very helpful for most of the people.
  • Support networks: there are a wide number of support networks for people who have dental phobia which not only provide you with support groups but also recommend specific dentists
  • Sedation: this is probably the best solution if you have a serious problem, although this is not recommended.

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