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How to secure “the smile” for your future

Who doesn’t want to have the perfect smile with pearl white teeth that too of the perfect size? With the constant evolution of technology and the increasing trend of putting your pictures online on all these sites, people are becoming very conscious about how they look with the desire always to look younger.

Each year the cosmetic dental industry is increasing the number of patients because people nowadays are not satisfied by only brushing and flossing because they think it does not achieve the required amount of perfection. Rather they want perfect white and flawless teeth which can only be achieved through teeth whitening and hence it is something which is becoming very common with each passing day. People are willing to pay even a little more to get the perfect teeth they want. There is a projected job growth of about 16% which shows the need to have perfect teeth and hence teeth whitening are also becoming popular. Dentists desire to pursue a degree in the cosmetic industry is also increasing because they know they can get higher salaries. The schooling necessary to become a cosmetic dentist is very difficult and expensive but once you do get the knowledge it is very helpful because not only do you earn a lot but you get the confidence that every dentist should have. So how do you start working on it since a young age? Help him inhibit the habit of brushing every day and the following are the ways you could do so

  1. Make it a game: Although the idea of healthy teeth may not make them excited, enough the idea of winning something in return for being responsible and following the routine will make sure that they follow it to the core.
  2. Try an electric toothbrush: You can help them solve the problem and make the task of brushing a lot of fun for them by making them use an electric toothbrush. This not only is more fun but also helps them avoid the frustration.
  3. Let them pick out their stuff: children get very happy when they are allowed to choose their stuff. It makes them feel responsible enough. Help them choose their tooth brush, tooth paste and floss hence making them more involved in the whole procedure.
  4. Do the task with them: this could be the most simple yet effective. Link your child’s routine with that of yours to help them witness the results as well.

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