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Sensitive Teeth

At least twice a day, a regular dentist listens to the most common complaint that is sensitive teeth. People often complain that they feel hot and cold in their teeth while eating, or have regular teeth bleeding while brushing. These are not a sign of disease, but a sign of having sensitive teeth. In dental terms, this problem is known as ” hypersensitivity”. According to an official survey, around 57% of the entire population have sensitive teeth.

There is no age of sensitive teeth, they come and go over time. With time our gums get thinner, or our dentin and enamel gets exposes, making them vulnerable and weak. Thus reducing the protection that these two parts provide. This causes pain, soreness and in intense cases, bleeding at the time of food consumption.

Like other dental problems, this problem too has preventions and cure, which can be followed to avoid and cure sensitive teeth.

  • Avoid using hard brushes on your teeth. Rubbing the brushes too hard, make their protective layer weak and cause them to become sensitive. Brush with soft hands.
  • Excessive use of acidic food items can cause harm to your teeth, fizzy beverages, and junk should be majorly abstained from
  • The choice of toothpaste should also be carefully made. Toothpaste that contains a high level of abraises should immediately be cut off. These toothpastes double your chances of tooth sensitivity, making them weak.
  • Have a hold on excessive sugary food items. Desserts and food items that are high on sugar have a high probability of the sugar particles getting stuck to your teeth and causing cavity and other dental problems.
  • Some dental treatments are also recommended for people who have a sensitivity to an issue. For example Flossing and fluoride varnishes, give your teeth a protective layer, which helps them to fight cavity, thus making them strong and avoiding sensitivity.
  • If your sensitivity reaches an alarming level, you should consult a dentist and get the treatment of root canal. This will permanently eliminate the problem, thus making them strong again.
  • According to with a dental recommended toothpaste, and clinical toothbrush, you should also consider using an effective fluoride gel, which will help you protect your teeth and prevent them from decaying.

Sensitivity starts from feeling pain or soreness, while consuming an excessively hot or cold beverage or food items, such as ice cream or coffee. If addressed on time, you can save yourself from serious consequences and treatment. Treatments, which are not only heavy on the pocket but also causes a lot of pain.

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