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The right amount of X-rays your kid needs

With National Children’s Dental Health Month just around the corner and I think it is the best time to take your child for one of his routine checkups at the dentist and get an X-ray done. X-rays help the dentists to see visible signs of disease or other dental problems that cannot be seen by the human eye.

These are usually suggested once the dentist has conducted a proper examination of your child’s teeth and seen the diet, medical history and hygiene and other such factors which may make your teeth more prone to certain problems says a dentist in Corona.

However, all X-rays use harmful radiation that can cause possible damage. Though it is done only sometimes each year, the effect keeps cumulating over a period of time. These effects are more harmful to children than adults so make sure that your dentist has thoroughly checked your child’s teeth before making an X-ray compulsory.

X-rays are compulsory for detecting some oral diseases, however, they might not always be needed says a cosmetic dentist in Corona. “Only after the mouth has been examined properly then the X-ray should be asked for to investigate further. Children and adults with low chances of tooth decay and gum diseases should not be asked for X-rays that often. ” The chart below highlights the recommended frequency of X Rays recommended to different age groups. Be aware that multiple factors such as the child’s current oral health, developmental stage and future risk that differ from child to child.


The availability of dental plans make some people think that they should have X-rays often to make use of the service. However, this may be unnecessary for some people and may make their teeth more prone to problems. Do not let you dental plans dictate your decisions at the cost of your teeth.

The right amount of X-rays your kid needs