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Things about oral health you need to consider as you grow old

As you grow old just as your body goes through changes which causes new problems in the same way your mouth goes through a number of changes which can cause various dental problems. Some people may take it for granted and may not consider oral health until something serious happens. This blog helps you in pointing out different problems that might occur at this age.

  1. Enamel wears down: you have been chewing and grinding with your teeth the whole life and this might take a toll on your teeth at this age. All the damage that your teeth have been through cause the outer protective layer to get damage and the sad part is that once it’s lost you cannot get it back. You need to be aware of habits that cause it and hence should be careful. These include having highly acidic food, not playing sports with a mouth guard etc.
  2. Dry mouth: when people get older their mouth dries out very quickly. This either happens naturally or due to certain medications they might be taking. The amount of bacteria related issues and infections increase since the mouth does not have enough saliva to wash away the particles. A dry mouth also causes the tissues to dry up and get swollen. If it is because of a medication you should change it, if it’s naturally then you should increase the amount of waste you take throughout the day. When you drink water keep it inside your mouth for a while to make the tissues soft before swallowing it.
  3. Decline in gum health: gums are a very important element since they basically hold your teeth strong and protect it from various infections. Over time they usually become weak since they are exposed to various damages. The protective barrier is affected and your teeth cannot fight anymore. To avoid this you should stop smoking totally and use fluoride toothpaste more often. You should also put habit of flossing at least once a day.
  4. Risk of oral cancer increases: most people diagnosed with oral cancer are above the age of 55 with men having a higher chance. It is not only the age factor which plays an important part but also the use of alcohol and tobacco which make you more prone to it. You should visit your dentist regularly as you grow old.

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