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Tobacco and Oral Hygiene

Both tobacco use (i.e smoking or chewing) and coffee drinking have been known to darken lips and cause staining on teeth. Smoking can also cause several other problems, like bad breath, inflammation of the salivary gland, increase in both loss of bone within the jaw and risk of developing gum disease. Tobacco use can also greatly increase the healing time after a tooth is extracted, or an oral surgery is performed. Of course, the Risk of oral cancer is also increased by many times.

One simple way to reduce or even prevent the stains caused by both coffee and tobacco is to brush right after you use them. While coffee caused stains are easy to get rid of this way, the staining caused by tobacco will only fade temporarily unless the use is quit. In order to keep your teeth white while smoking, and will need to be very proactive about brushing your teeth, as well as working to eliminate staining that have already been established. You should brush your teeth at least 2-3 times a day, preferably with a smoker’s toothpaste being used continually, these toothpastes have more abrasive than normal ones to clean the dirtier teeth better, this can result in wear of enamel. To avoid dangerous amounts of enamel wear you should consider using a smoker’s toothpaste for some times and a normal one rest of the time.

One of the biggest enemies of teeth (and your health in general) is Tobacco, it yellows teeth and greatly increases the chance of cavities, there are several products in the market and several articles that claim to reverse the damages, but the fact is that nothing can help on a permanent basis if tobacco use is continued. From anti-tar mouth wash to flossing and regular visits to the dentists, the recommendations are plenty but even keeping all these precautions and prevention of damage to the teeth in mind, there is still no doubt that not using tobacco in any form is still the best choice to steer clear of the excessive dangers to your oral hygiene, we’re sure that your pulmonologist and cardiologist will agree with us too.

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