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Tobacco use and oral health

While smoking is bad for your overall health, tobacco also causes a number of oral diseases ranging from just discolored teeth to oral cancer as well. Furthermore increased usage of tobacco can lead to some serious oral health complications in the longer run. While it is difficult to find out an accurate percentage of people who will get mouth cancer because of smoking, however between 40 to 50 percent of people who do get mouth cancer end up dieng.

Ninety percent of people who get mouth cancer report the use of tobacco in some form which also shows that the risk of oral cancer is six times higher in tobacco user than non users. Apart from oral cancer periodontal diseases are also very common among such people. This starts with something as simple as inflammation of the gums which leads to the bones under these gums also inflaming and hence deteriorating over the period of time.

While people keep wondering if any form of tobacco could be good for the teeth the answer is NO. Regular exposure to tobacco of any form means you are compromising on your health. While those who use chewing tobacco are four to six times greater at risk of oral cancer those using smokeless tobacco may see teeth decay and cavities very often because these products have high amounts of sugar in them. The three principles mentioned below can help ensure that you have good oral health throughout your life.

  • Quit smoking: smoking itself is the biggest cause of most oral health problems. Once you stop smoking your teeth are at a lower risk.
  • Get regular dental checkups: most cancers spread throughout because they are not detected at an early stage hence make sure you keep visiting your dentist. All mouth ulcers can be checked with a biopsy and the earlier it gets diagnosed the better it is for you as the chances of survival increase.
  • Brush properly: the carcinogens found in cigarettes are very harmful for your teeth and gums. People who use tobacco need to be very careful about brushing and flossing and do it more often. You should also ask your dentist to keep a close look and inform you if he thinks you are not brushing properly.

Cutting back and quitting tobacco will not only improve your health but it will definitely make you feel better.

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