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Tooth Fracture

A tooth fracture is surely a nightmare for anyone and everyone. People who even had a minor dental surgery will relate, what a horrific sight, it is to have a broken or chipped teeth.

A tooth fracture as various forms, it can be as minor as of chipping off as major as of fracture of tooth or root. When a minor fracture is discussed, it is mostly the two layers that are likely to be affected. The dentin and enamel are both protective layers of teeth, which if damaged can cause serious trouble. The  enamel being the white outer layer and the dentil being the inner pale layer of teeth. In dental terms, the fracture of teeth vary from fractured cusp, dislodging and tooth chipping.

The outcome and cure of tooth fracture depend on location, type and severity of crack.

Symptoms of cracked teeth

  • Pain while chewing food
  • pain while eating or drinking a very hot or very cold food item

chipped teeth also come under cracked teeth and are the first step of various dental injuries. As soon as you see a chipped tooth, it should immediately be treated by reattachment or replacement.

After the symptoms it also important to understand the different type of tooth fractures and then how they will be treated.

Curable cracked teeth mean that the chewing surface if the root is the affected area. The tooth is not yet completely cracked up or separated from the root.Instead, there is a minor crack in the teeth, which has a chance of being spread to other areas.

However, if the teeth cross the root that is the gum line, it is difficult to treat those teeth. In this case, either a part of the tooth is saved or either the whole tooth is extracted.

This is a general differentiation between a cracked and non-cracked teeth. There are also other types of fracture which are then treated accordingly.

Some people also inquire that after the surgery will be our teeth, be back to original shape and size. Well in most cases yes, it can be back to their original shape and size, and most probably the fracture will never occur again. However is severe cases not only there is a long term procedure but also follow up procedures which keep going on.

Prevention is better than cure. As soon as you see symptom immediately get in touch with a dentist and get it cured!

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