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Is toothpaste good for your teeth

Dentists are usually very annoyed by the most frequently asked question which is “what is the best toothpaste to use”. One of the main reasons we use toothpastes is that we do not want our mouth to smell as soon as we wake up. Although toothpaste can be used to treat certain dental conditions however not all dentists will recommend to use a toothpaste always since there are certain ways because of which toothpastes can affect your teeth adversely. Since this blog basically focuses on the disadvantages that toothpaste causes hence we will not be focusing on all the problems it solves.

It’s less of the toothpaste faults mainly because the amount of damage depends on how you use the toothpaste. Toothpaste doesn’t clean your teeth itself; you will have to put in the efforts to ensure you use it effectively. Here are some of the reason which makes toothpaste bad for you.

  1. Using too much: you should use only a pea size of the toothpaste. All these ads encourage you to use loads of toothpaste but in reality that’s not what you should do. Having a lot of foam makes you lose track of your teeth hence you cannot clean them properly.
  2. Not taking long enough: you should use about two minutes to clean your teeth properly. If you take any less time it just means you are missing out on some of the spots and are not doing the task properly.
  3. You are not paying attention to the whole mouth: at times there are people who take the whole time just brushing one corner of the mouth and leave the rest of it. Your toothbrush needs to touch every crevice of every single tooth. The amount of pressure you exert and the way you brush your teeth will affect the cleanliness of your teeth. If you brush properly the growth of plaque will be minimum.

It’s not about what type of toothpaste you use rather it’s about how often you clean your teeth and whether you are doing it properly. You can use baking soda, coconut oil or even plain water but what matters is the technique. Always make sure that you are aware about the health of your teeth because unhealthy teeth can cause a lot of problems like cavity, gum infection and bad breath.

is toothpaste good for your teeth