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Unknown signs of gum disease

Diabetes is an ever-increasing health problem around the world with harmful effects. According to the 2011 National Diabetes Factsheet, 25.8 million people or 8.3 percent of the U.S. population has diabetes and its medication costs around 245 billion dollars yearly.
November is National Diabetes Month and Beverly Hills teeth cleaning would like to remind you of the ignored yet known the connection between diabetes and dental health. People who are diagnosed with this disease have gum problems at an earlier stage in life and with more severity. Though it is often painless people, who suffer from diabetes to be unaware of its warning signs. These can include bad breath, bleeding gums after brushing or flossing thoroughly, red or swollen gums which can be very hurtful and changes in the way your teeth fit when you bite. Sadly many people choose to or are unaware of these evident signs until it is too late. Individuals usually resort to brushing more often to prevent bleeding or just using mouthwash to prevent bad breath. However, the aptest option is to have regular checkups with the dentist in order to make sure nothing is wrong.
Having routine checkups with your dentist is a must for people with diabetes. Oral diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease are often treatable and might be completely removed if they are diagnosed and treated at an early stage.dentists also check for other mouth diseases that might be prevalent such as ulcers and mouth infections. Periodontal disease and other mouth conditions may be a sign of other diseases in the body, however, there are some very good periodontal treatments in Beverly Hills. Depending on what the doctor thinks is the problem, the dentist might advise different treatments.
Even before visiting the dentist or a gum therapy specialist, patients can use an online test to answer a set of questions that can easily tell an individual’s risk levels for gum disease, oral cancer and other serious oral health problems. Controlling blood sugar levels, flossing and brushing daily with ultimate efforts to quit smoking are essential life practices for people with diabetes.

Unknown signs of gum disease.