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Using the tooth fairy as help

Which kid doesn’t like a little fairy that comes and leaves behind gifts for them? Parents can use this tiny girl to help persuade their children in maintaining oral health. Here are some ways through which parents can incorporate the tooth fairy concept to inhibit good oral habits in them.

Using the tooth fairy as help

  •  Introducing the Tooth Fairy at an early age. Children start losing their teeth at the age of 6. Tooth fairies should be introduced before that, and they should be told that the fairy likes clean teeth and routine brushing habits. Also tell them about no gifts from the fairy if they have dental fillings which will make them do everything to prevent tooth decay.
  • Leave a note from the tooth fairy: personalised gifts and notes sent from the fairy make the children as excited as gifts from the fairy. These notes could include special oral health advice like brushing daily or visiting the dentist twice annually.
  • Send gifts that cater to oral health. Tooth Fairy is seen to be usually sending monetary presents; however, she gave some children toys or gifts such as candies. Consider giving another thing like their favourite cartoon character toothbrush, well-flavoured toothpaste or simply a book about tooth fairies which will increase their interests.

With special pillows now designed to keep the child’s tooth in you do not have to worry about the tooth getting lost. If your family has a tradition of giving money to children you can continue with that and include other things to inform them about oral health and to prevent white dental fillings.