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Ways to make children brush regularly

It seems like a very difficult task to get tasks done by children. Especially the important task, from eating vegetables to taking care of both their oral and physical hygiene task. Dental brushing and oral hygiene are no different, but all the parents you ask would agree with the fact that it is next to impossible to get the work done. This is because brushing is part of their daily routine and hence kids find it boring and monotonous.

Dentists do not see their patients regularly, and hence it is not their job to remind them and motivate them to brush their teeth daily. What they can do is empower parents to help promote in them a sense of responsibility and to make them aware of the reasons and causes of brushing their teeth. Below mentioned are five tips which make the task easier for both parents and children alike:

  1. Make it a game: competition is a strong motivator. Although the idea of healthy teeth may not make them excited, enough the idea of winning something in return for being responsible and following the routine will make sure that they follow it to the core.
  2. Try an electric toothbrush: kids have very little patience for all the hard work and hassle that comes with brushing manually especially if you are encouraging them to brush twice a day. You can help them solve this problem and make the task of brushing a lot of fun for them by making them use an electric toothbrush. This not only is more fun but also helps them avoid the frustration.
  3. Explain in their language: when you use a lot of dental language or words that aren’t in their vocabulary you are basically making them more confused and hence hating the whole idea of brushing teeth. Explain the consequences to them in more child-friendly
  4. Let them pick out their stuff: children get very happy when they are allowed to choose their stuff. It makes them feel responsible enough. Help them choose their tooth brush, tooth paste and floss hence making them more involved in the whole procedure.
  5. Do the task with them: this could be the most simple yet effective. Link your child’s routine with that of yours to help them witness the results as well.
Toddler smiling while brushing her teeth
Toddler smiling while brushing her teeth