Teeth cleaning


Teeth Cleaning

A dental teeth cleaning is the process by which preventive dental care is provided to avoid dental emergencies. It is recommended by the American Dental Association that you have a professional cleaning at least twice a year in addition to the everyday maintenance you do at home.

At home, dental/oral hygiene is fundamental in maintaining good oral and overall health, but you alone cannot remove the tartar that builds up over time. It takes regular professional teeth cleanings to do that. Contact an Aava Dental professional to schedule a teeth cleaning today.

Why Do I Need a Teeth Cleaning?

Over time, tartar builds up on the teeth. Without regular cleanings the tartar can form below the gum line, bacteria can invade and create a number of other dental problems.
Furthermore, it is almost impossible to get to all the surfaces and areas between the teeth and under the gum line on a regular basis with daily at home teeth cleaning. It takes a professional teeth cleaning to reach all the areas necessary to maintain good oral health.

Having your professional teeth cleaning twice a year reduces the plaque and tartar, which is a major factor in the development of tooth decay. Professional teeth cleanings can also help prevent gingivitis, as well as more serious diseases involving the gums and teeth.

Regular professional teeth cleanings will enable your Aava Dental professional to address problems that even regular teeth cleanings at home can miss.

The staff at Aava Dental can assist you with your dental insurance benefits and answer your questions that you may have about getting professional teeth cleaning. Please contact an Aava Dental location near you, to arrange a teeth cleaning session. We have offices located in southern California to serve you with convenient hours.
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