Tooth extractions


Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions are sometimes the procedure when teeth need to be removed due to decay, trauma, or disease. When the tooth is removed or pulled it is called tooth extractions.
After tooth extractions, changes in the mouth may happen. Our Dentist will give you instructions for healing after the tooth extractions. Here are some general treatments after tooth extractions:


Before the tooth extractions you will be able to take anesthetic to reduce the discomfort. This will numb the mouth for a few hours during the procedure. Do not eat any foods that require chewing while your mouth is numb, you will want to be careful until the numbness goes away within a few hours.


Place a gauze pack on the extraction to limit bleeding. This will help form blood clots, which is needed for natural healing. If bleeding continues after 30-45 minutes place a damp warm, thick pad of clean gauze with pressure. Do not disturb with the extraction area with your tongue or movement of the mouth.
When the blood clot is created, avoid doing things that will disturb the blood clot. It is needed during the healing process.
Drink through a straw for at least 24 hours after the tooth extraction and during the healing process.
Do not rinse, drink, or eat vigorously, which can loosen the clot and delay the healing.

Cleaning Your Mouth:

Do not clean your teeth next to the healing socket during the first day of healing. Brush and floss your teeth the next day. This will help keep the area clean and get rid of bad breath and unpleasant taste.
The day after the extraction, gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Try not to rinse vigorously to loosen the blood clot.

Swelling and Pain:

After a tooth is removed, if swelling and pain occurs apply ice or cold compress to your face.

When to contact the Dentist:

If you have a fever, nausea, vomiting, severe pain, swelling, or bleeding call our dentist immediately. Our Emergency line is 855-228-2336.

Eating and Drinking after Tooth Extractions:

After tooth extractions drink liquids and eat soft foods. Begin eating solid foods as soon as you feel comfortable. For the first few days, try to chew food on the opposite side of the tooth extractions until it feels comfortable on both sides of your mouth.