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A Group of Unionized Dental offices with Locations all over Southern California.



Your dental health, comfort, and safety are top priorities at Aava Dental. With our highly skilled staff and experienced dental professionals, we provide a wide range of General Dental and Specialty Services.

We treat patients of all ages and welcome walk-ins and offer evening and weekend appointments.

Aava Dental serves high-quality dental care that is quality for all throughout California ensuring the best dental experience.

Aava Dental is committed to delivering the highest quality care for our patients.

When you visit one of our offices, we will develop an individualized dental treatment plan that will provide you exceptional dental care at an quality price.


They say great things always start with a thought. Sometimes the thought comes from a necessity, a necessity of survival. In 2002, our CEO and Founder Abraham Ghorbanian ,D.D.S., MS was confronted with a dark reality.

Corporate Dentistry had rolled into town, and like most people with vision, they were misunderstood at first. In 2002, there were very few offices that were run by corporations, but all the danger signs were there and Dr. Ghorbanian saw them coming from a mile away. Corporate dentistry, as we all know, is now here to stay, but from the humble beginnings in Washington State, Dr. Ghorbanian knew that the only way to fight the oncoming threat was to take a stand. By banding together with his friends, the group expanded and became the largest dental group in Washington. Through expansion, the company spread to Oregon and has now landed in Southern California.

There are now many offices, and while there are many independent dentists driving their offices to prosperity, we are able to all drivers in the same direction. Now, Sunrise Dental and Aava Dental, have the power to give corporate dentistry a run for their money. We buy supplies together, market together, and build-out of box strategies that allow us to compete with the ever-growing threats of the corporate groups that are making practices suffer throughout the country.

Aava dental is now looking for great dentists that are not being given the chance to expand in their field of knowledge. Saving a practice every five miles, we are growing and coming to a city near you. Let us help you achieve your full potential.

Contact us today so that we can arrange a free consultation to determine how Aava Dental can help you!

Mission and Vision of Aava Dental

At Aava Dental, dental care should be diagnosed and directed by the dentists in the office, not in some corporate facility. This is why we only work with offices that are owned and run by licensed dentists. Of course, running a dental office does require exceptional business skills. At Aava Dental you will have access to both dental and business professionals who will prepare and support you through even the most daunting of tasks.

Aava Dental was founded on the principle of saving a dental office every 5 miles in the United States. We believe that most dentists graduate dental school with the idea of owning their own practice, building a client base that will remain with them for years, and selling their practice to a future graduate.

However, we realize that this dream may be very difficult to achieve for most dental professionals for many reasons:

The average graduate is $500,000 in debt before they have ever seen their first patient! Dental schools teach people how to be great dentists, but does not teach them how to be great salespeople. Dentists are working more years to “secure” their retirement making it harder for the new graduate to find desirable practices. The average consumer no longer takes the dental license as proof of good dental skills but relies on the internet, co-workers, and advertising campaigns. Patients want quality service at their convenience for a good value, these are provided by Aava Dental offices.

  • Consumers are looking for one-stop-shop locations with comprehensive dentistry on non-traditional days and times. DPM’s (Dental Practice Management)/DSO’s (Dental Service Organizations) are out-spending, out-marketing, and lowering the cost structures of dentistry to nearly unprofitable levels. DPMs / DSOs are focused on making huge profits for their corporate owners rather than enriching the lives of the dentists that are doing all the work. Staff including associate dentists have become self-serving focusing on “what is in it for me” rather than focusing on what is right for the patient and the practice. Of course, running a dental office does require exceptional business skills. At Aava Dental you will have access to both dental and business professionals who will prepare and support you through even the most daunting of the day-to-day running of your practice.

Visit Our Offices

Aava Dental offers quality dentistry in Southern California. We provide the best quality services for you and your family. 

Find out what to expect on your first visit and what to bring by visiting our new patient page.

Now Accepting New Patients

If you’re looking for a dentist in Southern California for your entire family, Aava Dental is the right place.

We see patients of all ages and always ensure that you leave our office with a beautiful, healthy smile.

We accept most insurance plans and will file claims for you.

Not only that, but we will provide you with a breakdown of your insurance plan to the best of our ability, as provided by your insurance provider.

We are happy to offer Care-Credit financing and accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and debit card processing.


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